The Libědice

#village is situated in the Liboc stream val-Iey. It is visually separated from the Ohře riverside and from the Kadaň - Zatec road by the range of Polácké vrchy hills (336 m above sea level.) The village is situated in the area lying between two neighbouring towns - 11 km away from Kadaň and 12 km from Žatec.
AIthough quite small, the village prides itself with a large numbcr of historical buildings and monuments. It has 50 ol its buildings or monuments listed in the State Heritage Regis-ter. To mention a few, there are the Calvary sculptural group, liinicy Monument, the St.Vitus Church area with the church, parish house, ornamental staircase decorated with statues, two gates, an ancient perimeter wall, mortuary and chapel. In the dosely situated chateaux area there are the prized statues of St. John of Nepomuk and the Virgin Mary. Additionally there are the Town Halí premises with the town halí building, storage building, gatc and an ancient perimeter wall.

There are many sporting evencs taking place in the village every ycar such as "neckyada" a fancy boat nice in thc open air swimming pool.
The inhabitants have resumed observing ancient traditions and festivals such as rhe Shrove Tuesday carnival, St. Nicholas Day celebration, and St. Vitus pilgrimage and fair (which takes place in mid June eveiy year).

The Čejkovice

village is situated 3 km east of Libědice on Liboc streams left bank. The road Sedčice-Žatec intersects the village. Čejkovice is not blessed with as many cultural sights as neighbouring Libedice, however therc still are several noteworthy buildings to be seen. The village centre is of a rectangular shape with the St. Elorian Chapel in its centre. The Chapel was built in 1718 and has a roof spire and a pseudo-baroque alter. On the op-posite síde of thc village centre, is a statue of the Madonna from 1704. There is also a statue of St.John of Nepomuk from 1733 in die village. Apart from these monuments, there are also several precious farm houses dating to the lata 18th century.
The Libedice and Čejkovice villages are predominantly agricul-turaJ and they specialise in hop growing and processing.